Querying Collaboration in Political Practice/Praxis

This section foregrounds artifacts that have looked at collaborative formations that are part of the political practice and implementation of research findings/insights.

The following description (drafted prior to reading the works) outlines how we were thinking about this particular research life cycle phase:

JA (July 2018): This is where my interest in what I have been calling “data ideologies” comes in. I am interested in how different collectives, operating within different domains of expertise, have different ideas about what data “does” in different contexts. To be more specific, I am wanting to read critical data studies literature on how different groups of people conceive of the relationship between processes of data, knowledge, information production and those of strategic social action/change.

This essay is part of a broader orals document querying collaborative formations. Works were categoried under one part of the “research life cycle” as a heuristic. Sub-essays within the orals doc can be accessed directly through the following links: Research Design (Artifacts | Analysis); Data Gathering and Production (Artifacts | Analysis); Data Analysis (Artifacts | Analysis); Artifact Production (Artifacts | Analysis); Dissemination (Artifacts | Analysis); Political Practice (Artifacts | Analysis).


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July 3, 2018

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