Collaborating on Querying Collaboration

Keywords: ethnography; ethics; collaboration; data sharing; expertise; data ideologies 

Angela Okune and James Adams will collaborate this orals document with a shared interest in querying collaboration.

Angela: My orals doc looks at the variety of ways that scholars have understood and sought to address ethical concerns to do with qualitative research, especially that which seeks to be “open” to the public and more “collaborative.” How has “collaboration” been explored and theorized across scales and sites to realize more equitable/egalitarian ways to do research (as afforded by new technologies and scholarly infrastructures?)? What limits and challenges have been identified? What ethical considerations have arisen and how have scholars sought to address them?

James: I am thinking very loosely about collaboration as “working with,” where even working against (or having conflicting projects, ideas, or interests/goals) is included as a variation of collaborative relations. I plan to look at collaboration across epistemologies (theoretical frameworks, disciplinary trainings, thought styles, etc.); subject positions (diff class postions, genders, etc.); ontologies (human, non-human, material, environment, etc).