Yates‐Doerr, Emily. 2019. “Whose Global, Which Health? Unsettling Collaboration with Careful Equivocation.” American Anthropologist 121 (2): 297–310.

AO: This article describes Yates-Doerr's experience working with as well as studying global health scientists in Guatemala. She offers the idea of awkward collaboration to emphasize the differences that shaped interactions with scientists, and careful...Read more

AO. Jarvenpaa and Staples - epistemic cultures

  • AO: Analysts hypothesize that “Open and organic information cultures are associated with the use of collaborative electronic media for information sharing.” Their results are in fact

  • ...Read more

AO. Jarvenpaa and Staples - discursive risks

AO: This 2000 paper by Jarvenpaa and Staples is an example of two scholars from business schools who are interested in knowledge management in the context of organizations. Their meso...Read more

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