AO. "theories that are actually robust and feasible in the field"

  • AO: “Many psychologists in this subfield are now realizing that in order for their theories to have an impact outside psychology, in areas such as economics, law, and politics, they need to come up with theories that are actually robust and feasible in the field. (Because one of the problems economists often have with psychological theorizing is that it remains too vague and situation specific.) This remains a great challenge for psychologists.” (389)

  • AO: shared language. “This not only results in cross-fertilization and cooperation between the two groups, it also leads to the emergence of a common language. We consider this latter development to be a crucial one, since in order to be able to share a perspective, one needs to share a language (and the ideas that are attached to it).” (390)

  • AO: organization of meetings. “organization of meetings specifically aiming at participation by research- ers from both economics and psychology” (390)


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