AO. Kaplan and Rose - Nano

  • AO: They believe research collaboration is important as it can deliver intellectual and emotional synergy. They note that their authorial voice cannot be distinguished between the two of them as individuals (by Carey or by Ellen) which they see as a positive so it appears that they are interested in how collaboration stabilizes. They note: “we are both feminists and the same kind of feminists” (548).

  • AO: They describe valuing each other’s diverse perspective but note that they always come to some sort of agreement: “each clings to her individual vision, pigheadedly, in a dialectic struggle that always results in a synthesis on which “we” can agree.” (553).

  • AO: “Our minds meet in the air between us and we achieve, at our best, an unfettered, creative, generous reciprocity” (556).

  • AO: The analysts see the other examples of collaboration (esp. heterosexual collaboration) as antithetical to their idea of collaboration. For example, they cannot understand the notion of “clearing the air with a shouting match” (559).


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