AO. Kaplan and Rose - metaphors

  • AO: Jazz is used as a metaphor to describe the relationship between the two co-authors. (“we have a beautiful thing between us”) (549). “The magic of jazz, the harmonious interplay described in McDonald’s novel arises from the total attentiveness and receptivity of each player to the other.” (550).

  • AO: Note that a good collaboration is inherently informed by sexuality since hours of working together are concentrated, physically, emotionally, mentally intimate, intense, fierce, focused, creative, exhausting.

  • AO: “lesbian” as a trope for feminist (creative) collaboration (partly in response to the rampant homophobia in academia) and because of their own experience with a sexual/emotional continuum  (551). “Though we are not “lovers” in a limited, genital sense, ours is a lesbian collaboration.”

  • AO: Strange bedfellows - tiger and alligator, improbably tangled (554)


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