AO. Kaplan and Rose - Macro

  • AO: The authors note their “coming of age” as feminist academics in the 1970s when they were dealing with institutions that had only recently begun admitting women students and promoting women faculty (554).

  • AO: One of the author notes that she believes her institution doesn’t value her collaborative work and doesn’t give her time to work on her own research. They also mention that despite rhetoric that honors collaboration, cooperation and shared authority, most colleges and universities neglect or underutilize group rewards for group performances. (558) They cite Chait (1988) who discovered in researching his article that "some universities assign numerical values to the scholarly publications of promotion and tenure candidates and then divide the 'points' by the number of co-authors". Shockingly, I believe the same practice STILL holds true in some of the departments in the social sciences for example at UCI.


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