AO. Griffin and Hayler - Practices

  • AO: Analysts note that in cross­disciplinary collaborations, individuals experience their alterity and both sides’ work is defamiliarized and out of that emerges a need for the construction of roles and responsibilities that allow skill sets to be admitted to a working team. These are often forgotten or left unarticulated (11).

  • AO: Analysts note that they suggest an approach towards defining “the precise role of dissent within a collaborative ecology” [Flanders 2012, 70] and hold that “by increasing the understanding of what each discipline offers to the collaboration through rather than despite its difference, otherness becomes a tool for potentially overcoming technical, theoretical, and/or creative problems.” (17)

  • AO: Analysts call for 1) recognition that no collaborator can ever be neutral, and 2) that their roles must be understood as well as possible, before, during, and after the event. Credit and blame need to be attributed, expressed, and shared.”


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