AO. Griffin and Hayler - Meta

  • AO: The analysts cite similarities with feminist methodological work from the 1980s and 1990s where questions of “what counts” (what knowledge, what skills, what experience etc.) were key to debates about the status of women in the academy and in knowledge production (see e.g. [Harding 1987] [Hartsock 1998]).

  • AO: The analysts cite Willard McCarthy who suggest that “true collaboration within a group happens rarely” because it requires an “un­boss”’, someone, according to McCarthy, who is “primus inter pares”, i.e. an actor able to make calls on what is valid and yet able to step back and allow others to lead and act as the work demands [McCarthy 2012, 2]. This is no easy task.” (12)

  • AO: Analysts cite new materialism turn in 1970s, Latour, Haraway, Barad (27)


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