AO. Aellah - goal is not consensus but the enrichment of one’s own point of view

  • AO: The analysts call for more deliberation as a process where everyone concerned by the decision is considered a valid moral agent, obligated to give

  • AO: They note that good collaborators should develop an ability to express and confront overarching conditions and contradictions, to negotiate agreements about direction and purpose, to seek allies and identify obstacles, and to be open to disagreement and failure. They note that such deliberation “has no easy solutions but encompasses multiple perspectives” (232).

    • They write: “The goal of this process is not the reaching of a consensus but the enrichment of one’s own point of view with that of the others, increasing in this way the maturity of one’s own decision, in order to make it wiser or prudent. The people involved in deliberating the case may have different opinions as to how the issues should be resolved, but debating the issues will help change their perceptions of the problem. This is the benefit of the deliberation process.”


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