AO. Aellah - distinction between public and private funding for research

  • AO: The analysts note that research ethics cannot be separated from the economic context of global research (“Material realities dictate ethical possibilities, and ethics are political. Ethical challenges in transnational research arise not only in relation to vulnerable participants, but also from collaborative and institutional engagements.”)

  • AO: institutional IRB ethical frameworks are identified as shaping the relational ethics (although not dictating them). Improved regulation but also more overly simple solutions and emphasizing participants’ individual, discrete choices, without exploring the wider context and also fostering culture of superficial compliance (238)

  • AO: Legacy of colonialism is mentioned and “imperial science” (234)

  • AO: The analysts note that public medical research is under threat from particular economic and political interests. They also note public-private partnerships that emphasize technical fixes and use private funding and expertise (235). Therefore analysts note the importance to maintain the analytic distinction between public and private science. This analytic difference is particularly relevant for my project because there is little locally publicly funded research on technology in the same way there is for health. Nonetheless I think it is imporant to still maintain and keep the distinction – perhaps to eventually make the case that there should be publicly funded research!


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