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Resources., Submitted.
Return to Cinder: a concordance-style database inspurred by the work of Jacques Derrida., Submitted.
Ripping apart that terrible Atlantic piece on Open Access., Submitted.
Hoover, Elizabeth. The River Is in Us., Submitted.
DeKosnik, Abigail. Rogue Archives: Digital Culture Memory and Media Fandom., Submitted.
The Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography: 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge., Submitted.
The Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography: 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge., Submitted.
Singh, Prerna. Scholarly Publishing in India: The Mapping of Open Access Journals Indexed in DOAJ., Submitted.
Laplante, Julie, Ari Gandsman, and Willow Scobie. Search After Method: Sensing, Moving, and Imagining in Anthropological Fieldwork., Submitted.
Riley, Jennifer. Seeing Standards., Submitted.
Seeing Standards: A Visualization of the Metadata Universe., Submitted.
Silk Road Luxuries from China., Submitted.
Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage., Submitted.
Kapaniaris, Alexandros, and Manolis Varvounis. "Social networking and communication tools in archive ethnography: Tools for collecting, displaying and recording material or digital research notebooks?" (Submitted).
SocOpen: Home of SocArXiv., Submitted.
Fuller, Matthew. Software Studies: A Lexicon., Submitted.
South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA)., Submitted.
Southern Oral History Program Interview Database., Submitted.
Sustaining the Digital Humanities., Submitted.
Mink, John. Teaching Resistance: Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Cultural Subversives in the Classroom., Submitted.
hooks, bell. Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom., Submitted.
test essay | Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography., Submitted.
Text Encoding Initiative., Submitted.
Tim Schütz on Twitter., Submitted.
[[[To Do]]]., Submitted.