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To Secure Knowledge., Submitted.
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Tools | Sciences Po | MedialabSciences Po | Medialab., Submitted.
Tools | Sciences Po | MedialabSciences Po | Medialab., Submitted.
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Tropy., Submitted.
Two Centuries of Stink: Widnes., Submitted.
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UCI-Libraries/PLODAB., Submitted.
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Understanding our data sharing policies., Submitted.
University of California reaches new open access agreement with Elsevier., Submitted.
[Untitled]., Submitted.
[Untitled]., Submitted.
USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive., Submitted.
Fortun, Mike, and Kim Fortun. View of An Infrastructural Moment in the Human Sciences., Submitted.
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What is a Scientific Paper of the Future., Submitted.
Where to Start? On Research Questions in The Digital Humanities., Submitted.
Who’s Afraid of Kerry Emanuel? Why Republicans Are Attacking a Republican Climate Scientist., Submitted.
The Whole Tale., Submitted.