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'\n\nEmail Riley about her visualization, and what’s changed. And our WG ideas. Is she connected with the RDA? She literally wrote the (a) book (along with Muriel Foulonneau) on Metadata for Digital Resources: Implementation, Systems Design, and Interoperability.\n\n\nAdd to our table from Maze’s text (esp her bulleted lists, Functions)\n\n\nSearch the Maze doc for words like “audio” and “video” while updating the use case doc\n\n\nGet the DPHE-IG included in articles like Maze’s.\n\n\nLearn more about OMEKA: an open-source digital content management system, and the Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media\n\n\nRead Cardiff book, esp 3rd phase\n\n\nUser scenarios: born-digital oral history objects will have much embedded, vs. found objects that will not.\n\n\nPossible starting points to build on with this WG:Open Folklore (andhere) The first link (Open Folklore interview meta-data) seems to be missing a bit (i.e. interviewer)\n\n\nRead case statement for DSA-WDS (Data seal of approval & WDS Certification systems are being compared, goal is to have less different certification systems in use, or having them be interchangeable, be less confusing, so people trust data centers more, more likely to deposit data, more data sharing..)https://rd-alliance.org/repository-audit-and-certification-dsa%E2%80%93w...  They are offering a certification scheme. Struggled a bit because this was “the first WG with social deliverables.” Often dividing line is difficult. Certification scheme/mechanism that adopters (data centers) can agree to using. Could lead to harmonization, combination, and trust building. \n\n\nCheck out meta-data standards directory. Contribute to this? \n\n\n - brcostelloekuehn'