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Public Relations

This directive encourages a spirit of innvovation and collaboration between the goverment and citizens of LA. Read more

Sunshine Week 2014 Legislation

I am adding this legislation to contribute to the research of open data in California.

This legislation was introduced in 2014 by Senator Yee. Read more

San Diego Open Data Policy

I am adding this article to contribute to the research of Open Data in California.Read more

Bezuidenhout, Louise M., Sabina Leonelli, Ann H. Kelly, and Brian Rappert. 2017. “Beyond the Digital Divide: Towards a Situated Approach to Open Data.” Science and Public Policy 44 (4): 464–75.

AO: This 2017 paper by Bezuidenhout et al. uses qualitative empirical data from a study of lab-based research in Africa to highlight the limitations of a framing of online inequalities and access to ICTs as a "digital divide." They adapt Sen’s ‘capabilities approach’ to...Read more


Within 3 months of the effecitve date, each department must appoint a Data Coordinator

Within 6 months, each department must begin conducting reviews on their progress of putting data on the...Read more

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