What projects are running within the PECE platform and what project pages need to be set up to represent these? How, for example, can RDA work be visible as PECE research?


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July 7, 2019

I'd like to get EcoEd materials up on the platform. I think TAF would benefit from better delineation between the overall project and sub-projects (such as 6 Cities).

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July 6, 2019


History of PECE

PECE and the Digital Humanities

PECE and Open Access/Open Data

Data Management in the Empirical Humanities

History of Open Data

Critical Data Education

PECE in Development (terms of service, interface redesign, development tasks/priorities, setting up Github, etc.)

PECE as an Experimental System (theorizing design logics, etc.)

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July 4, 2019

regen.live and genderinculture.org are the two instances Brian C and I developed for teaching at RPI. We created a group to facilitate research/writing on PECE a while back, but have ended up mostly using Google Docs for collaborative writing, and not leveraging PECE features all that much. Perhaps PECE could host the metadata tool we're developing? We could also use PECE for collaborative ethnography of RDA meetings, annotating each other's field notes. 

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July 3, 2019

I actually don't really understand projects and their significance. How are they different from groups? And where are they represented under the menu -- Analyze, Collaborate, Discover? On The Asthma Files, my book "project" is in there somewhere, spread out across all the 6+Cities groups, and the two classes. But I'm not sure how projects would help me highlight that. 

Part of the problem is that I have not just kept up with PECE updates -- I didn't realize that multiple people can work on PECE essays now, for example, and that it was possible to post videos. I'm wondering if we could have a monthly or quarterly video call with updates?