Who are likely and hoped for users of this platform?


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March 12, 2021
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There are four types of users. One likely, the other three hoped for. The first user group are students who work as research assistants on the project, or who are part of the research team; this also includes students enrolled in classes that I teach at Drexel University, which focus on energy. 

The second type of user is other researchers -- either from the PECE community or the broader energy humanities/studies communities. I hope that, in years to come, researchers will use TERP as a resource for their own work. 

The third type of user is the Philadelphia public. This includes study participants, community organizations, and nonprofits doing advocacy work (like Community Legal Services).

The final hoped for user is our project partners, Energy Coordinating Agency. They are so incredibly busy, however, I have not figured out how yet to make the website useful to them. Perhaps as an archive for their work...