AO. Stabilizing notions and definitions of collaboration to legitimize and justify the emerging field

  • AO: The analysts assume that strategies of creativity and innovation are needed to move the field forward and further improve public health science and practice (S243).

  • AO: This analysis looks for “valid” and “stable” metrics to evaluate the “return on investment” of team science.

    • AO: QUOTE: “Systematically tracking the career development trajectory of transdisciplinary trainees over time and examining the influence of earlier transdisciplinary training on their subsequent productivity will ultimately help to gauge the “returns” on team science investments at both individual and societal levels” (S247).

  • AO: The analysts call for more flexiblity in incentive structures but not in the ways of opening up and pluralizing but rather in terms of acknowledging, legitimating and supporting transdisciplinary work within the existing systems (not a radical vision but more of solidifying the legitimacy of this new transdisciplinary field).


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