AO. discursive risk - Halabi et al.

  • AO: Unsurprisingly given that the authors are publishing in ICTD, the techno level of analysis is very strong. They focus on collaboration in a part of the research process, initial design, which is less discussed in general and explain how they first came in contact with each other which is usually not included in analyses of collaboration (how the worlds come to intersect).

  • They however fail to discuss the terms of the collaboration itself and seem to use the notion of “collaboration” loosely to include any kind of dialogue or discussion. The “collaboration” that they discuss (which helped them to see that they should use a Facebook group page to annouce that they wanted to have a focus group discussion” does not appear to have fundamentally shifted their intention or proposed methodology for the project (identify user needs, design solution for a problem, test the pilot of it with users). There is always an assumption that there will be a problem that can be solved with a designed (tech) solution.


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