AO. Choy et al. - binaries and metaphors

  • AO: Tsing mentions several binaries: to describe their work: two models of collaboration “big science” model and intimate authorship arrangements (their collabo is somewhere in between). Collaboration between humans - non-humans, between making knowledge and social practice, and both within and beyond the academy (383).

  • AO: Tsing citing Mogu mogu collaboration notes that collaboration like jazz: “with insights flying back and forth in emergent, improvised rhythms.” (383)

  • AO: Faier uses the notion of “contingency” to think about how “local” and “global” knowledges are connected (389) (“Too often, social an- alysts follow globally oriented science and approach the globe as a patterned and predictable whole. We overlook differences and participate in creating a myth of a homo- geneous globe. Attending to contingency helps us see the possibilities of difference in interconnection”) (393)


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