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Angela's Project + "Collaboration"


This orals essay focuses on including a wide range of disciplines thinking about collaboration across different periods of the research life cycle. James and I decided to focus on collaboration within the research life cycle (rather than just collaboration more broadly) because for both of our project fieldwork, we anticipate focusing on interactions between researchers (and others) working with and grappling with (research) data. By understanding how collaboration is discussed across diverse epistemic communities (including development economists, technologists, human-computer interaction experts, anthropologists, etc.), I will have a better idea of how “data sharing” might be imagined and discussed in my field sites. What are the existing normative frames and concepts through which people have imagined working together in scholarly production? By understanding how diverse fields have thought about collaboration, I will be better prepared for my own research encounters with researchers of diverse backgrounds and the discourse they may use to describe their reasons for data sharing.


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Created date

August 3, 2018

Critical Commentary

AO: This artifact explains in brief why I decided to focus on "collaboration" (within the research life cycle) as part of my comprehensive orals examination and how it pertains to my dissertation project.


Angela Okune