Decolonizing the African University

This PECE essay provides a starting point of relevant literature and events that have shaped narratives about decolonizing education on/across the African continent. This PECE essay was created as part of the UCI History 290 course taught by Professor Kavita Philip on Decolonizing Histories of Science and Technology.

This essay foregrounds key works and debates within African Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Development Studies related to higher education in Africa. A secondary essay (found here) foregrounds insights from my ongoing analysis of these works.

In highlighting various moments where certain stakeholders have been particularly powerful in shaping educational objectives in Africa, I do not intend to suggest a teleological narrative nor am I arguing that these are the only organizations that have shaped African educational policy. Rather, by drawing these varying literatures, debates, and historical time periods together into the same frame, I desire to open up productive spaces for further discussion about the “education crisis” in Africa and the varied proposed solutions.


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Created date

May 24, 2018