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The data in the Open Data Portal must:

  • Be able to be found by "commonly used Internet search applications" 
  • Machine readable and "platform independent" 
  • Free to the
  • ...Read more


The city manager must issue an annual report to the City Council which details the number, quality, and description of all of the datasets posted to the Open Data Portal. Read more

Defining Data

The policy defines data as "Structured information" 

Open Data is defined as, "Data made open and freely available to the public to be republished, manipulated, or used in any other way...Read more

Technical Standards

The policy states the city should use machine-readable and open formats for the information it collects. It is also noted that departments should use non-proprietary, publicly available, and open...Read more


The policy states that the City does not claim that the data is fit, complete, accurate, or timely for any particular purpose. The specifically say the are responsible for faults on the Open Data...Read more

Technical Standards

All datasets must have the following metadata attached to it. 

  • Name of Department 
  • Name of Dataset Owner in the Department 
  • How often the data is updated
  • Data
  • ...Read more
Open Data Implementation Policy

I am adding this article to contribute to the research of Open Data in California. Read more


The policy states that the City will use open licenses with no restrictions on "copying, publishing, distributing, transmitting, adapting, or otherwise using the information..." Read more

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