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data science

Harnessing the Power of Digital Data for Science and Society

This 2009 report shows interest in developing policies and management infrastructure for preserving US research data. Recognizing the increasing significance of digital technologies in supporting scientific work, along with growth in data production, the report suggests that, in order to lead...Read more

Long-Lived Digital Data Collections Enabling Research and Education in the 21st Century

This 2005 report notes the growing number of digital data collections produced through NSF-funded research and thus recommends policies for ensuring that such collections are properly managed and preserved. It suggests data responsibilities for NSF-funded researchers, such as creating and...Read more

Skills, Role & Career Structure of Data Scientists & Curators: Assessment of Current Practice & Future Needs

This report, commissioned by the UK's JISC, outlines the skills and career structures for data scientists in the present and future. It outlines what data scientists do, their career prospects, and how training programs should be structured with this in mind....Read more

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