Reardon, Jenny. 2013. “On the Emergence of Science and Justice.” Science, Technology, & Human Values 38 (2): 176–200.


Abstract: "In the last few years, justice has emerged as a matter of concern for the contemporary constitution of technoscience. Increasingly, both practicing scientists and engineers and scholars of science and technology cite justice as an organizing theme of their work. In this essay, I consider why “science and justice” might be arising now. I then ask after the opportunities, but also the dangers, of this formation. By way of example, I explore the openings and exclusions created by the recent conjugation of science and justice in the field of personal genomics. Finally, I conclude with reflections on what other forms “science and justice” might take, and what might be gained or lost in fostering them."


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May 31, 2018 - 5:46pm

Critical Commentary

Angela Okune: In this 2013 piece, Jenny Reardon looks at why "justice" is increasingly becoming an organizing theme of scientific work and explores the possible implications.