What labor (voluntary and paid) and financial support does this platform depend on?


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March 13, 2021
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The platform is funded with a three-year standard NSF grant. We allocated $10,000 for PECE and I think we have used about $7500 of that in the first two years. Of course, TERP also depends on the labor and financial support of other PECE projects, the PECE Design Group, and all of the labor/money that went into developing PECE over the last decade. 

As for labor, Revax and Renato are doing all system admin work, and Renato is training me in a piecemeal fashion on site admin tasks; since September, prior to that a Drexel grad student was doing this work for $15/hr. At that time the site was hosted on InMotion. 

The site also depends on my labor as PD; over the last month I probably spent about 10-15 hours a week working on PECE. It also depends on the labor of three paid undergraduate research assistants. I’m not quite sure how many hours a week they spend working on PECE itself, but probably 75% of their work ends up on PECE at some point. James Adams (UCI) has been working with us since last June and his labor is unpaid. He has been conducting surveys and interviews, and working on the media briefs, as well as attending all meetings.  

The platform also depends on administrative support at Drexel -- folks who help me with paperwork, invoices, applications, the budget, and timesheets; all of which are necessary for grants. 

We also could not do the survey project without BJ McDuffie, who is our community outreach coordinator.