Resources and Reflections on Collaborating on Orals

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Okune, Angela and Adams, James. 2018. "Resources and Reflections on Collaborating on Orals." In PhD Orals Document: Querying Analyses of Collaboration, created by Angela Okune and James Adams. PhD Orals Document. UC Irvine Anthropology. October.

Angela Okune's Orals Documents in Brief

This essay is part of three orals documents submitted by University of California, Irvine Anthropology doctoral student Angela Okune i n partial...Read more

Orals Doc as PECE Essay Style Guide - 2018 Sept 4

AO: This document is intended to advise the formatting and style for future UCI orals documents on PECE.Read more

Adams, James and Okune, Angela. 2018. "Reflections on the process of collaborating on an orals document (over time)."

AO: This reflective chronology of our collaborative endeavor highlights the necessary infrastructure that we had to establish to create the foundation for the collaboration as well as the various contextual factors that allowed us to do this. If this document is difficult to read in PECE, it is...Read more