Querying Collaboration in Data Gathering and Data Production

This section foregrounds artifacts that have looked at collaboration in research data gathering, management, storage and data production.

The following description (drafted prior to reading the works) outlines how we were thinking about this particular research life cycle phase:

AO (July 2018): Collaboration in data gathering and production is the core focus on my project. As an ethnographer, this is the messay collaboration that takes place in the “field” between researchers and those they study. There are several possible layers of collaboration during this phase including collaboration between researchers of diverse life histories (several of the authors in this section talk about the dynamics of global North/South collaborations) as well as epistemological stances, often in interdisciplinary collaborative endeavors. Collaboration in data gathering and data production otherwise usually entails some sort of co-production of data with research interlocutors. A substantial literature exists on method and how more equitable power relations might be enacted in the research field encounter. In this section, we have also included work that thinks through the ethics of doing this kind of collaborative work across differential power relations, much of which has emerged out of feminist and indigenous scholarship.

This essay is part of a broader orals document querying collaborative formations. Works were categoried under one part of the “research life cycle” as a heuristic. Sub-essays within the orals doc can be accessed directly through the following links: Research Design (Artifacts | Analysis); Data Gathering and Production (Artifacts | Analysis); Data Analysis (Artifacts | Analysis); Artifact Production (Artifacts | Analysis); Dissemination (Artifacts | Analysis); Political Practice (Artifacts | Analysis).


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