PhD Orals Document: Querying Analyses of Collaboration

Submitted by:

Angela Okune

Graduate Student

Department of Anthropology

University of California, Irvine

October 2, 2018

To her committee members:

Dr. Kim Fortun (Chair)

Dr. Kris Peterson

Dr. George Marcus

Dr. Angela Jenks

Dr. Cecelia Lynch

To Be Submitted by:

James Adams

Graduate Student

Department of Anthropology

University of California, Irvine

November 2018


This essay, submitted by University of California, Irvine Anthropology PhD students Angela Okune and James Adams in partial fulfillment of their requirements for advancement to candidacy, explores a more collaborative approach to the genre of the orals document.

This essay--designed, analyzed, and compiled jointly--looks at how science and technology studies scholars, anthropologists, indigenous studies scholars and feminist scholars, among others, have thought about collaborative formations across the research life cycle.

Angela has approached the document with a particular interest in looking at the variety of ways that scholars have understood and sought to address ethical concerns to do with qualitative research, especially that which seeks to be “open” to the public and more “collaborative.” How has “collaboration” been explored and theorized across scales and sites to realize more equitable/egalitarian ways to do research (as afforded by new technologies and scholarly infrastructures?)? What limits and challenges have been identified? What ethical considerations have arisen and how have scholars sought to address them? For Angela, this is one of three essays: a second essay looks at efforts towards decolonizing the African university here; a third essay queries Science and Technology Studies in/on Africa here.

James has approached the document with a particular interest in thinking about collaboration as “working with” and also working against varying interests and goals. He is particularly interested in understanding this in terms of political praxis and action.

Angela and James devised a shared analytic structure, which they used to jointly query a set of works (find the full bibliography here). They have also documented and reflected on their own collaboration here.

Collaboration Work Flow

Conceptual Framework:

AO: This orals document is framed around Fortun’s conceptualization of discursive risks and gaps (Fortun 2012). Fortun writes that the contemporary Late Industrial period is characterized by complex conditions for which there is no available idiom...Read more

Content Bibliography: Collaboration


Okune, Angela and James Adams. 2018. "PhD Orals Document: Querying Analyses of Collaboration." PhD Orals Document. UC Irvine Anthropology. October. ...Read more

PECE: Analytics, Structure, Discursive Risks & Motivations for Use

AO: These orals documents seek to understand the discursive risks (Fortun 2012) of relevant literatures for my project. How have scholars been thinking and writing about science and technology in Africa, collaboration, and investments into the African university?

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Angela's Project + "Collaboration"

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Angela Okune: Brief Bio

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Full Bibliography: Collaboration

Aellah, G., T. Chantler, and P. W. Geissler, eds. 2016. Global Health Research in an Unequal World: Ethics Case Studies from Africa . Wallingford: CABI. .

Appleton, Nayantara,...Read more


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