Metadata Management Plans and Tools

CEDAR: The Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval

CEDAR Training and Resources

CEDAR has a comprehensive page dedicated to providing users with guidelines, workshops, and tools needed to use the platform. Including but not limited to: CEDAR...Read more

Data Management Needs Addressed by CEDAR

This tool was created to facilitate metadata management in the biomedical industry, especially providing metadata templates that can be tailored for a wide variety of biomedical...Read more

CEDAR Development, Updates, & Improvements

CEDAR was established in 2014, and is constantly being improved by the team to facilitate metadata management plans and guidelines for sharing data among data creators in the...Read more

CEDAR Designers

The designers of CEDAR include, Stanford University, Collaborative Drug Discovery, Illuminating the Druggable Genome, Yale University, Minimum Information model for the Adaptive Immune...Read more

CEDAR Users and Purposes

CEDAR is a tool that is designed specifically for scientists and data creators form the biomedical discipline, and provides these individuals with a library to metadata management templates...Read more

CEDAR Tool Aims and Features

CEDAR provides data creators from within the scientific discipline with the ability to: 1) Create user-friendly, shareable forms for collecting metadata, with nested form...Read more

DMP Tool

DMP Tool Features

The DMP Tool provides a researcher with the necessary resources to create a data management plan according to the guidelines for a specific funding agency. Moreover, this tool supplies a...Read more

DMP Tool Creator

This tool was created by University of California Curation Center. Moreover, any of the data management plans that are published on this tool are the intellectual...Read more

DMP Tool Updates and Improvements

This tool was initially founded in 2010. However, more recently the proliferation of open data policies has generated interest in the DMPTool and, DMPonline. According to theĀ ...Read more

DMP Tools and Features

The Data Curation Profiles is a toolkit that provides librarians, professors, researchers, and any information expert with the resources necessary to describe the characteristics of a data...Read more