MACRO: (How) are economic and legal infrastructures said to shape the (African) university and its knowledge production?


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September 10, 2018
  • AO: The analyst notes that there has been a shift towards neoliberal regimes of science policy and that scientists at government research centers perceive industry’s private R&D as undermining the public good.

  • AO: The analyst argued that “It is difficult to argue that NCI scientists were motivated by concerns for profit, as federal technology transfer policy capped all NIH employees’ royalties at US$100,000 annually at the time they patented their technology” (5).

  • AO: The analyst decried the “conjectures of technical, organizational, and institutional environments” that made it implausible for alternatives to industry developed HPV vaccines to be developed on the same time horizon (regarless of how seriously NCI researchers took the social aims of global disease reduction.” (17).