Session Summary

In this session, trainees will learn about the various ways that PECE content can be organized into different modes of presentation, including Artifact Bundles, Photo Essays, Timeline Essays, and PECE Essays.

Key Terms for PECE: Organizing Content

Artifact Bundle: An artifact bundle is an artifact of artifacts. You can create an artifact bundle to annotate a group of artifacts together. Photo Essay: a collection of image artifacts, ordered into a slideshow, with text added for context Timeline Essay: a collection of artifacts organized and...Read more

Tutorials for Session 5

-       Overview of Essays (10 min)

-       Photo Essay (PDF Tutorial) (10-12 min)

-       Complete PECE Essay (PDF Tutorial) (40-50 min)

-       Adding to a PECE Essay (Video Tutorial) (5:34 min)

Exercise4: (Estimated time. 30 minutes)

From your dashboard, build a new PECE Essay. Assign the essay to your project, fieldsite, and to your public group. Make the essay public. Use the Add Content function to add an artifact you created to the essay. Open PECE a new tab. Use the Discover feature to find other relevant content that you did not create (i.e. another essay/artifact/etc.). Add this content to your essay. Save the essay.