Session Summary

This session covers different ways of locating existing PECE content (both your own and others’) as well as how to create and utilize PECE’s analytic structures to collaboratively annotate this content. Trainees will also learn tips for making their own content easier to find and discover.

Key Terms for PECE: Searching and Analyzing Content

Searching Tags: in accordance with our Design Logics , there are no folders in PECE. Instead content gets characterized and organized via tags. When you navigate to a tag page in PECE, you will see, in random order, a list of all content that has been tagged with that term. Analyzing Analytic: An...Read more

Tutorials for Session 4

-       Annotations (PDF Tutorial) (10-15 min)

-       Overview of Structured Analytics and FAQ (10 min)

-       How To use Tags (Video Tutorial) (4 min)

Exercise 3: (Estimated time. 10 minutes)

From your dashboard, create a new analytic structure and add a question. Next, access the Repository and find an Artifact using the “Discover” link at the top of the page. Annotate this artifact using your new analytic question.