Session Summary

In this session trainees learn about the different types of content you can create in PECE, including (text, image, pdf, website, video, and audio) Artifacts, Field Memos, and Fieldnotes. Trainees will learn about the various affordances of these different content types and develop a sense of when and how their use may be appropriate.

Key Terms for PECE: Creating Content

Fieldsite: A fieldsite is a reference to a certain geographic location where research will be conducted. You can link artifacts to fieldsites to document where the artifact was found. Artifact: An artifact is the basic unit of data on PECE. Artifacts represent materials that an ethnographer...Read more

Creating Content: Artifact, Memos, and Fieldnotes

The primary way to contribute data to the PECE archive is by creating an artifact. Artifacts contributed to the site can include documents, images, audio, videos, text, and web sites. Each artifact is embellished with metadata.

A text artifact and a fieldnote are technically very similar. However, unlike a text artifact, a fieldnote will not have a title; the date the fieldnote was created will become the title. Also a fieldnote will appear in the field diary on user’s dashboard. If associated with a group, a fieldnote will also appear under the Field Diary tab of the group’s page, ordered by the date created.

Lastly, a memo is a first draft of a piece of writing that may be published on the site. Upon publishing a memo, that memo is opened for comments from the platform’s community.

You can create Artifacts, Fieldnotes, and Memos by navigating to your Dashboard, which is linked at the top right corner of the PECE homepage.

Tutorials for Session 3

-       Image Artifact (PDF Tutorial) and Artifact FAQ (20-30 min)

-       PDF Artifact (Video Tutorial) (11:34 min)

Exercise 2: (Estimated time. 10-15 minutes)

From your dashboard, create one Artifact and create one Field Note. Assign both to your project and field site. Assign the artifact to the public group and make it restricted to researchers. Assign the field note to the private group and keep it restricted. 

*If you have not yet created a Project, Fieldsite, or Public and/or Private group, please see Learning PECE Session 2, and complete exercise 1.