Learning PECE: A Practical Guide & Introduciton

The purpose of this introductory training course is to provide new PECE users with a conceptual understanding of PECE’s design and its affordances along with a practical knowledge of PECE’s features and how to use them.

After the completion of these training sessions, PECE users will be able to:

·      Understand and articulate what PECE is as both a collaborative research infrastructure and as an experiment in ethnographic methods and in forms of data sharing and publication

·      Create, organize, and publish new content in PECE

·      Search and discover existing PECE content

·      Comment on, annotate, and repurpose existing PECE content

·      Set up new Projects utilizing Projects, Groups, Subgroups, and othercollaboration infrastructures

·      Set up and utilize PECE’s privacy settings in compliance with IRB specifications

PECE was designed to provide research architecture for deeply collaborative ethnography, to enable secure and sustainable data sharing and archiving, and to incorporate lessons learned from post-structural theories of language into research methodology and data analysis. Click these links to read more about PECE and its history, rationale, and research questions and aims.


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November 8, 2021

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