Kelty, Christopher. 2014. “Beyond Copyright and Technology: What Open Access Can Tell Us about Precarity, Authority, Innovation, and Automation in the University Today.” Cultural Anthropology 29 (2): 203–15.

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July 30, 2018

Critical Commentary

AO: This interview, conducted by email in February of 2014 among Christopher Kelty (CK), Anne Allison, Charlie Piot (AA/CP), Ali Kenner (AK), and Timothy Elfenbein (TE) highlights  various insights gained by observing discussions about open access from an anthropologist's perspective. CK writes: "this focus on the open in open access misses the point, and I think our discussion here has really identified a different set of problems related to the political economy of the university, the state of precarity in academia, the problem of making work authoritative and high quality, etc. These things have to do with freedom, with money and power, and with the still-political process of producing knowledge."