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Ioannidis 2018 "supplemental" information

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Created date

January 12, 2019

Critical Commentary

There are two supplements to the Ioannidis et al 2018 octopus article: this one is titled "Supplementary text" -- i.e., it's not considered "data" and not even "information," as it is called out on the main article page itself ("Supplementary  information").  The other supplement is called "Supplementary Information Data," which is an odd construction, and is in the form of a csv file.  But the main point is that this repeats or recapitulates the main move of the entire article: "textual" qualitative responses are not "data," or at least are not the kind of information that can be anything other than a "supplement," leaving the dominant "data-based" arguments and tropes unperturbed.