How has this archive|platform been connected to events and practices beyond the digital domain? What possibilities are there going forward?


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March 13, 2021
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So, the platform has served as a tool for The Energy Vulnerability Lab; students collected and analyzed artifacts here, used the work of other students, and built PECE essays for their final projects. We’ve also used the platform to archive the course itself.

Right now we’ve also prepared a PECE essay for the Philadelphia Water Rate Case public hearings that are happening this coming week. The essay provides information from the Water Department, the public advocate, research and media coverage on water affordability, and also data from our research on water affordability in the city. I’m also going to provide comments/testify at the hearing on Thursday and my statement will be posted on the essay afterwards. People will be able to see the survey data that I refer to, as well as quotes from study participants. 

The other two examples that tack between platform and nondigital activities is the Energy in COVID-19 essay and media briefs that that group organizes, and the survey we’re conducting. We make the survey instrument, data, consent forms publicly accessible; but recruitment happens through workshops and the survey happens over the phone.