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Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography.  A platform supporting research examining  the kinds of research infrastructure needed in anthropology, STS and  kindred fields; the legal and technical aspects of research data sharing;  and next-generation scholarly communication (including archive ethnography).  This is the platform where we do research to guide further development of PECE.  Note that PECE is software, which supports many different platforms.  All the platforms listed here are run by the PECE Design Group as test beds for further PECE development. PECE is also freely downloadable if researchers want to establish and run their own platforms. 

Center for Ethnography  A platform supporting experimental (usually  ethnographic) projects on many topics.  The “Sketching Ethnography” project and course –  supporting the development of inventive ethnographic research designs – lives on this platform.  The platform is associated with the University of California Irvine’s Center for Ethnography.

STS Infrastructures The platform provides digital work and publication space for the international, interdisciplinary community of scholars in Science and Technology Studies (STS).  The open access journal Engaging Science and Technology  Studies uses this platform to host source and supplemental data associated with the articles they publish.

Disaster-STS Research Network  A platform designed to bring together researchers from around the world, from many different disciplines, to better coordinate efforts to understand, anticipate and respond to environmental and industrial disaster.  Many projects  focused on environmental injustice and governance live on this platform.

The Asthma Files  A platform supporting research on the cultural dimensions of environmental health. Projects examine how individuals and organizations are working to address the global air quality crisis,  epidemic incidence of asthma, etc.


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April 7, 2022 - 10:56am

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