differential reproduction is ab-use of coding

at first I was going to go with hauntology, of course, since reading down the list I thought "these are all iterations of hauntology, other namings of the same logic." But DR names the desired effect or the aim, while hauntology names the...hauntology. Pragmatics v metaphysics. "Transmuting ambivalences of meaning" may be especially redundant with DR. DR takes (a bit) less explanatory work than hauntology, and quickly gets at what sets PECE apart from the dominant logic of reproducibility - a logic which is still in play with DR, necessary to DR, but which DR also goes beyond. I think updating this design logic would entail mostly adding some language on the coding style and PECE's ab-use of it (involving noise and juxtaposition-- again an argument for DR's more general or higher logical standing).


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