Databases as Discourse, or Electronic Interpellations

TitleDatabases as Discourse, or Electronic Interpellations
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsLyon, David, Elia Zureik, and Mark Poster
PublisherU of Minnesota Press
ISBN Number978-0-8166-2653-3
AbstractFrom computer networks to grocery store checkout scanners, it is easier and easier for governments, employers, advertisers, and individuals to gather detailed and sophisticated information about each of us. In this important new collection, the authors question the impact of these new technologies of surveillance on our privacy and our culture. Addressing the global integration of surveillance, social control, new information technologies, privacy violation and protection, and workplace surveillance, the contributors to Computers, Surveillance, and Privacy grapple with the ramifications of these issues for society today. Timely and provocative, this collection will be of vital interest to anyone concerned with resistance to social control and incursions into privacy.