AO. encouraging synthesis in a multi-partner consortia

  • AO: The analysts look at a multi-partner consortia example of “Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA)” that sought to support policy and practice for climate change adaptation through a consortium model. CARIAA is a seven-year (2013–19), CAN $70 million, multi-partner collaborative research programme involving more than 450 individuals, 18 core member institutions, and over 40 implementing partners.

  • AO: The analysts are interested in collaboration at the level of synthesis which they say can be around a shared common theme of interest or it can also be a means of validating, triangulating, and amplifying reearch findings (to reach new audiences).

  • AO: Specifically the analysts looked at “hard and soft collaborative spaces, such as an intranet and working groups around common thematic interests; responsive additional funding mechanisms that could be secured to support emergent collaborative synthesis efforts; and annual “learning reviews” that brought together partners for face-to-face meetings. These processes were designed to enable diverse worldviews, knowledges, and perspectives to be shared, and to facilitate opportunities for novel collaborations and synthesis.” (4)


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