AO. change and diff. between individual and community

  • AO: The analysts note that consent is an ongoing process and changes over time. They therefore advocate for continuous check-in at moments such as when new information about plastic harm becomes available or if a community’s political or economic situation were to change (5).

  • AO: The analysts also note that an individual is not the same as a community (“so it is important not to conflate an individuals’ acceptance or rejection of research with that of a community’s.” (5)

  • AO: The analysts mention Consensus-oriented decision making (CODM) as a process where everyone in a group agrees to move forward on a plan of action. They note “this does not mean everyone agrees equally, but that everyone has agreed to move forward regardless of unevenness and differences of opinion. Because it is a method that aims to reach agreement despite difference, it should be carefully and intentionally facilitated.” (12)


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