AO. Cervone - practices

  • AO: The analyst calls into question the viability of and the kind of ethnographic knowledge that a “detached researcher” who enters the field and pretends not to define their positionality in the field has. As such, she would argue that working with contemporary indigenous communities, anthropologists must position themselves in regards to issues and reframe their relationship with indigenous actors. Analyst holds that collaborative practices can question colonialist tropes (other; insider/outsider; first world/third world) by focusing on the conditions and contexts in which indigeneity becomes either a justification for violating human rights in the name of progress or for resisting such abuses.

  • AO: The analyst hlds that anthropology can challenge assumptions of ‘feel-goodness’ in collaborative methodologies on the one hand, and by producing critical knowledge that is skeptical of easy rendering of political engagements and solidarity (108)


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