AO. Cervone - micro

  • AO: The analyst looks at collaborative relationship anthropologists establish with indigenous intellectuals and activists, arguing that these relationships necessarily make anthropology political because the boundaries of knowledge are pushed to other milieus beyond the academy.

  • AO: The analyst also calls the relationship between engaged anthropology and indigenous studies a “collaboration” because it can produce a “multi-textual hermeneutics” and represents and embodies the different and at times contradictory positioning of actors (101).

  • AO: The analyst also looks at her own research collaboration with an indigenous activist Cristina Cucuri (107), who she calls her “research partner.” This term  “research partner” was also used by Alev Coban (2018) but in that case, she did not name the person(s?) who remained anonymous (and thereby did not receive “credit” or acknowledgement for being partners). I am interested in what the term “research partner” entails or signals.


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