AO. best practices identified

  • Guidelines for data and publications;

  • bilingual training process “was crucial for the relationship between the doctoral researcher and the assistants to develop”;

  • tension that doctoral student is primary beneficiary of the phd research “can be addressed through the development of new themes related to the main doctoral area, on which joint authorship could be agreed.” (1962);

  • interviewee noted he liked when consultants demonstrated “openness to understanding a situation, for example, a person who went into the field, took notes of all the confusions he experienced, and later asked the interviewee to clarify,”; “importance of ‘ground rules’ as a prerequisite for equal participation in joint research,

  • “allowing Southern researchers to guide Northern colleagues in local matters and to be involved throughout the research design, analysis, dissemination and implementation. Such continuous involvement in all aspects of a research project was also recommended by two other researchers.” (1963)

  • action to shape processes and agendas, for example, by proactively planning the schedules of Northern visitors, by being aware of and using their own bargaining power, and by offering conditional collaboration only (1965)



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