Anti-oppressive pedagogies in online learning: a critical review

TitleAnti-oppressive pedagogies in online learning: a critical review
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsValcarlos, María Migueliz, Jennifer R. Wolgemuth, Samantha Haraf, and Nathan Fisk
JournalDistance Education
AbstractAlongside the increasing popularity of distance education is a growing body of literature on anti-oppressive pedagogies (Breunig, 2009). Our critical review of literature explored and critiqued how educators enact anti-oppressive pedagogies in online classrooms. Our search and screen process yielded 2952 studies and a final set of 10 that met our inclusion and exclusion criteria. Four findings emerged from our critical analysis. Anti-oppressive online educators sought to legitimate students’ epistemologies, foster reflection and discussion, establish expectations of critical awareness, and democratize educator and student roles. We recommend educators and researchers consider how technologies work for and against anti-oppressive aims and ensure their anti-oppressive frameworks are clearly and purposefully connected to pedagogical decision-making. Considering scarce empirical literature on online educators’ enactments anti-oppressive pedagogies and general lack of support in institutions where educators develop their work, the studies in this review constitute an advancement in the field of distance education.
Short TitleAnti-oppressive pedagogies in online learning