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Ab-Using Coding Structures

writing on the in/visibility of theory

The In/visibility of Theory Ab-, Infra-, Meta-: What does a prefix fix and how can it be shaken loose? The Skyscraper and the Grapefruit Theory in digital infrastructure is not so much invisible as it is in/visible—but we’ll defer this fine point for now. We begin instead with a couple of basic...Read more

sociology is to theory as anthropology is to...

So I'll start by saying: this is as good a recuperation of "grounded theory" as we are likely to get, or at least the version of it that would be closest to what we are after.  There is much to...Read more

Limits of Coding

Thinking about our long-intended but never undertaken critique of the coding paradigm (and by extension "grounded theory") that underlies the dominant qualitative data analysis platforms, this came across my twitter feed: more
from grounded theory to abductive analysis

towards an analysis of the limits of codingRead more

ab-duction is/not ab-use

Timmermans and Tavory settle on, or narrow an understanding of the ab- in abduction to one sense: it "suggests" a "leading away;" abduction is "an inferential creative process of producing new...Read more

grounded theory as hegemon

"grounded theory is the dominant methodology for CAQDAS users—who mention it on average 30 times more frequently than sociologists as a whole. Discourse analysis and frame analysis are less...Read more

Computers and qualitative data analysis

towards an analysis of the limit of codingRead more

Aalok and Ali exchange June 2019

A GoogleDocs exchange between Aalok Khandekar and Ali Kenner, June 2019, in part about GoogleDocs as a means of exchange that PECE is less capable of.  The original exchange might or might not be here:

...Read more

The Wow Factor

more limits to more codingRead more

grounds, groundings

so a recurring trope in the literatures on coding -- not surprising since it is a fundamental trope of fundamentals -- is the ground.  As in grounded theory, which undergirds (yeah I know) so much...Read more

why science is a fruit
more than just coding?

towards an analysis of the limits of codingRead more

Mike Fortun (barely) remembers Anselm Strauss

Grounded theory It’s only on reading about grounded theory, again, that I remember, again, my actual experience in being “trained” in it. Including once by Anselm Strauss, no less. In history of science at Harvard, we didn’t have a methods course. Basically, the method in history (of science) was:...Read more