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Olsen, Sussi Anni. DASISH Deliverables.
Ananny, Mike. The Curious Connection Between Apps for Gay Men and Sex Offenders.
Corporate interest is a problem for research into open-access publishing., Submitted.
Confessions of a Digital Hoarder.
Fortun, Mike, Kim Fortun, and George E. Marcus. Computers in/and Anthropology: The Poetics and Politics of Digitization., Submitted.
Gilliland, Anne, and Andrew Flinn. Community Archives: what are we really talking about?., Submitted.
J. Hackman, Richard. Collaborative Intelligence: Using Teams to Solve Hard Problems., Submitted.
CMDI Metadata - The Language Archive., Submitted.
Balestrini, Mara. Civic Sensing: A Toolkit., Submitted.
CitySDK: Helping Civic Hackers Deliver Local Solutions.
Centre d’art Waza., Submitted.
Mansour, N. A.. Catholic Library, Muslim Books.
Mansour, N. A.. Catholic Library, Muslim Books.
Carolina Digital Repository - Metadata Pragmatics: Toward A Unified Semiotic Framework., Submitted.
Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun., Submitted.
Can archives be decolonized? – Allison's Blog., Submitted.
Herle, Anita, and Sandra Rouse. Cambridge and the Torres Strait: Centenary Essays on the 1898 Anthropological Expedition., Submitted.
Business models for sustainable research data repositories | READ online., Submitted.
Budapest Open Access Initiative.
Buckets of Resistance: Standards and the Effectiveness of Citizen Science - Gwen Ottinger, 2010., Submitted.
Swartz, Aaron. The Boy Who Could Change the World: The Writings of Aaron Swartz.
A biodiversity inventory of the 16th century based on a land and socio-economic survey in Spain., Submitted.
Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing.
Gruenewald, David A.. The Best of Both Worlds: A Critical Pedagogy of Place.
Berlin Declaration., Submitted.