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Aalok Annotations

In response to:

What features should this interface enable?

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 4:55am

At present, a project like STS Across Borders, collects all material using a "master" PECE essay. One way to re-imagine the interface is as the front-page of that PECE essay, such that it included meta-data about both, the sponsoring organization (4S), satte and end date, but also more substantive information such as the curatorial text that iscurrently included in the essay front-page. If STS AB is a project, then we don't ideally don't need both, the project page AND the essay front page. Just the one shoudl suffice. This will also really help in having a pre-existing project url (in which the content keeps on evolving as the project matures) that can be included in outputs such as posters etc. that are associated with the digital collections that comprise the virtual project. 

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